Alumni Set New Giving Mark


The 2005-06 Alumni Fund set an all-time record, surpassing $4 million on the strength of an 8 percent increase in dollars raised.

By Steve Collin '74

"The vast majority of our alumni will participate in the campaign through their gifts to the Alumni Fund," said Vice President for College Relations Richard Ammons. "While many people think that in a capital campaign it's the million-dollar gifts that matter, and they do, in reality it is the cumulative effect of smaller gifts that helps keep us competitive."

"Every gift is important," he said. And 9,854 individuals heeded the call.

The Parents Fund raised $633,345"a 12.5-percent increase and a new record, with one third of parents participating, according to Kelly Dodge '83, director of annual giving.

The Annual Fund is essential to the operation of the College, Ammons said: "It's a critical part of our operating budget, and it provides the most flexibility for management." Some of the fund is steered to financial aid, allowing the College to fulfill its commitment to meet all of the demonstrated need of any student who is admitted and enrolls. And because Alumni Fund and Parent Fund dollars are unrestricted, they can be applied to unanticipated needs"increases in energy prices, for example, Ammons said.

While 48 percent of the alumni who were solicited contributed to the College last year, that's a slight decline from 50-percent participation in recent years. In September Dodge announced that a small group of concerned alumni had come forward with a challenge that will match, one-for-one, all increases in individual gifts to the Alumni Fund. Last year's donors will be matched for any increase in the amount they give, and those who did not contribute last year will be matched dollar-for-dollar for their entire gift.
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