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By Gerry Boyle '78

Residents of Colby Gardens gather in one of the residence hall's common areas to study and socialize.
Photo by Jui Shrestha '07
Concerns that the use of a former convent bordering the Colby campus would disrupt the surrounding neighborhood turned out to be unfounded, according to police and neighbors.

"They were just fine," said neighbor Larry Griffin of the new students on the block. "They were nice kids."
Neighbors last fall raised concerns about Colby's use of the former convent on Mt. Merici Avenue for a dormitory, dubbed Colby Gardens. But the loud parties and excessive traffic that residents feared never happened. "Perfect," said Waterville Police Chief John Morris. "[The students] turned out to be good neighbors. We've had no complaints."

The College leased the former convent to accommodate an overflow of students resulting from an unexpectedly large enrollment in the fall of 2005, and before the opening of school Colby notified residents that it would continue to use Colby Gardens for the 2006-2007 school year. According to Janice Kassman, special assistant to the president for external affairs, the dormitory continues to be categorized as "party-free" and houses mostly sophomores.

One neighborhood resident, John Macklin '55, said Colby should build a new dorm if there is a need. "Just on general principle, I'm not particularly happy having Colby in the neighborhood."

But Griffin, a vocal critic at a meeting of the City Council, said he wasn't concerned, and he has enjoyed meeting the new students on the block. "I talked to them," Griffin said. "I met a baseball player and a guy from Latvia and some girls from Massachusetts and a girl from Gardiner, Maine."

He said there were a couple of moments of concern"when his dog was overly exuberant and gave some students pause. But, like the prospect of Colby in the neighborhood, there was little to fear. "She just wants to sniff your hand," Griffin said. "She's looking for a cookie."
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