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"One student asked me at the ball why there were so many chaperones."
Special Assistant to the President Janice Kassman, who explained to the student that the chaperones were actually Colby trustees, who made Colby's first Fall Ball possible last October.

"It's easy to go for the immediate reward. Choosing what might be better in the long term is a risk, and that's a much tougher call."
Trustee Robert E. Diamond Jr. '73,
as the commencement speaker at the University of Connecticut.

"She loved it. But she said they needed a bigger net. And why did they have to be so rough?"
Tony Marin (Physical Plant) after taking his mother to Colby's Alfond Arena for the first hockey game of her life.

"In a rational world you would think all this would be dead by now. Immigration policy, however, behaves in a politically very irrational way."
Harvard economist George J. Borjas, in Lovejoy 100, responding to a question about where the immigration debate in Congress might be headed following the November elections.

"It makes me smile when I think I am the president of the Colby Muslim Group."
Adriana Nordin Manan '07, quoted in a Portland Press Herald article about spirituality on campuses. She said she couldn't imagine herself in a Muslim club at home in Malaysia, but that, as a religious minority in Maine, she felt an urge to educate her classmates about Islam.

"I love this woman. You will learn a lot from her even if it has nothing to do with what you are supposed to be learning."
A comment on RateMyProfessors.com about Professor of English Phyllis Mannocchi.
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