Employers—and the occasional student—are finding Facebook can provide a glimpse of the reality beyond the interview

By Gerry Boyle '78

Brianna Tufts '07 had been warned that potential employers might check profiles on Facebook, a social networking Web site frequented by millions of college students. So she removed a few pictures, the ones that seemed to show too clearly "the revelries of the weekend.—

Then Tufts, a mathematics major, economics minor, and cross country runner, turned the tables. She searched the Facebook site for an employee of the Boston consulting firm she was considering. Lo and behold, there was a 70-member Facebook network for some of the company's employees. Tufts was able to learn where they did undergraduate and graduate work and to see their profile photos.

"I could look down at all the little [photo] clips,— Tufts said. "They all looked relatively young. I would say that half of the pictures looked like they were either out at bars or at dinner parties. It made me think, 'These people must be good at their jobs but they still have fun on weekends.'—
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