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“If you don’t like one of the paintings, he picked it.”
Artist Alex Katz, thanking Sharon Corwin, Muzzy Director and chief curator of the Colby College Museum of Art, who worked with Katz to choose the paintings on view in this summer’s lead exhibition, Contemporary Art at the Colby College Museum of Art: Gifts from the Alex Katz Foundation.

“Jump in headfirst, write letters, and tell your family and friends that you love them.”
Kate Braemer ’07, giving closing words of advice in this year’s student graduation speech.

“I’m outnumbered, but not dominated.”
Standard response, according to the Gloucester Daily Times, that author Linda Greenlaw ’83 gives when asked what it’s like to be one of the few women fishing for lobsters.

“I saw the great joy and the great sense of life that [Fats Waller’s] music gave to everyone else. ... I think everybody wants to make life a little better.”

Jazz great Sonny Rollins, at a dinner prior to receiving an honorary doctor of music degree, describing what motivated him to spend his life making music.

“While importing Viagra from Mexico and helping Nigerian con artists launder money may be fun once in a while, I’m not always in the mood for it.”
Cliff Vickrey ’09 in a message to the College community about increased e-mail spam making it through Colby’s filters this summer.

“It’s a mess.”
Steve Heacock, director of communications, describing the bureaucratic tangle of College, city and state interests in improving (or not improving) the main road through campus. (Stronger words are often used to describe the actual state of the roadway.)

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