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Edenville OwlsEdenville Owls
Robert B. Parker ’54
Philomel (2007)

After more than 50 novels for adults, including the iconic Spenser series, Robert B. Parker has created a mystery for young adults. It’s 1945 and Bobby Murphy is 14, a basketball player with a new team—and a new teacher who may have a problem. Miss Delaney has been seen arguing with a man and then returned to school with bruises on her face. Bobby senses something is amiss, and vows to do something about it.
The Missing
Sarah Langan ’96
Harper (2007)

Langan’s debut novel, The Keeper, was compared by Publishers Weekly to “the more ambitious work of Stephen King.” Langan is back with another well-crafted tale of horror and suspense. This time it’s an affluent Maine town where a mysterious plague is turning people sick, deadly—and hungry. Don’t ask what they are driven to eat. Langan, a master’s degree candidate in environmental science/toxicology at NYU, definitely knows how to dream up a mean malady.
The Flame You Follow
Jason Spooner ’95
CD, online and retail release (2007)
The Flame You FollowNo sophomore slump for Maine-based singer/songwriter Spooner who, with his dead-on trio and a bevy of guest musicians, delivers in his second CD. Spooner doesn’t walk away from his musical influences (Neil Young, J.J. Cale, among others) but he lets us feel them through a lens of blues, jazz, and even a tinge of funk. Spooner’s following is growing, and recent festival awards and TV appearances are spreading the word. Go to for more.
Old Jalopy
Jim Heald ’74
CD and online release (2007)
Folksinger/balladeer/guitarist Jim Heald’s latest CD is a love-tinged collection, with inspiration drawn from everything from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to a photograph of a pre-war jalopy on a dusty Texas street. Heald, who now lives in Virginia, is joined by musicians from his years in the thriving Austin music scene. Available as digital download from iTunes,, or as CD from
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