The Making of a President

The Making of a President

Candidates lean on Colbians in bids for the White House

By Allen Lessels


Senator Barack Obama, his ice cream-scooping duties complete, chats up the last of hundreds of supporters and tire-kickers who have come to see and hear him late on a Labor Day afternoon on a sunlit elementary school baseball field in Hudson, New Hampshire.

Mike Cuzzi ’98, leaning against a chain-link fence, tracks the candidate’s every move. And fields this question: Doesn’t it seem Colby has an unusually large number of alums working behind the scenes in presidential campaigns, particularly in the 2008 campaign?

“It seems inordinate at times,” said Cuzzi, the Obama campaign’s No. 2 operative in the first primary state. “I’ll tell you, when we were up here with Senator Kerry—Oh, I’ve got to go.”

Obama had taken another step or two toward a gate in the fence, and soon he and Cuzzi, Secret Service agents, writer Joe Klein of Time magazine, and a few others were gone, moving quietly off through the woods, much the same way they had arrived a little more than an hour before.

Yes, Colby is overrepresented in the ranks of presidential campaigns. And, like all political campaign staffers, these Colbians are always on the move.

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