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Motorized ObsessionsMotorized Obsessions: Life, Liberty, and the Small-Bore Engine
Paul R. Josephson (international studies, history)
The Johns Hopkins University Press (2007)
From lawnmowers and leaf blowers to personal watercraft and all-terrain vehicles, machines powered by small gasoline engines have become quite literally part of the American landscape. But, as Josephson demonstrates in this groundbreaking study, small engines also carry significant social and environmental costs. Motorized Obsessions explores the history of the development of these mechanized devices and their profound damage to ecosystems and the atmosphere. “The internal combustion engine is an institution …,” Josephson writes. That institution has changed our lives, his study shows, in many ways for the worse.

Counting the Dead: The Culture and Politics of Human Rights Activism in Colombia
Winifred Tate (anthropology)
University of California Press (2007)
Tate, who joins Colby’s faculty in 2008 as assistant professor of anthropology, spent years in Colombia, as an intern, a staffer with an NGO, and as an “embedded anthropologist.” The result is a detailed, wide-ranging, and nuanced study of human-rights activism in a country in the throes of a complex conflict. Tate offers an analysis with lessons not only for Colombia and those interested in its fate but for anyone compelled by the ways rights activism and conflict both coexist and intersect.

Dinosaur: Four Seasons on the Green and Yampa RiversDinosaur
Hal Crimmel ’88, with photographs by Steve Gaffney
The University of Arizona Press (2007)
The latest in the series of books Desert Places, Dinosaur, moves through the high desert of Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado and Utah. Essayist, Fulbright Fellow, and former river guide Crimmel joins with Gaffney to explore, chronicle, and contemplate the beauty and mystery of this stunning landscape in all four seasons. As Crimmel writes of one stop on an isolated winter trail, this is “a place of confluences. Of creeks and rivers, certainly. Of cultures, rocks, seasons, too.” The same can be said for this thoughtful and graceful blending of words and images.

Perfect Together: Astrology, Karma, & You
Alice Shest Loffredo ’62
Sterling House (2007)
Astrologer Alice Loffredo has written a book that provides the lay reader with astrological information that has been the private domain of serious students of the discipline. Perfect Together allows readers to consider the ramifications of their sign and house and to use that information to draw a road map for life. Astrology, Loffredo says, “can allow us to feel understood, maybe for the first time in a long time.”

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