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“Whoever said this is a cold state
just didn’t get it right.”

Judge Leonie Brinkema, this year’s Brody Judicial Service Award winner, on the reception and hospitality she received
on Mayflower Hill

“I don't have a mechanical system that will take the place of
personal responsibility.”

Director of Physical Plant Patricia Murphy, discussing with students how conservation
and sustainable environmental initiatives really work, at a lunch that was part of
Focus the Nation, when 1,600 institutions worked to create awareness of
climate change.

“Here I have found a total new thing. You are not depending solely on the education provided by the professors;
you are going out.”
Indian Minister of Parliament Sardar Tarlochan Singh, a Goldfarb Center
Visiting Fellow, complimenting Colby on ts study-abroad and civic-engagement programs in a talk,
“Reconsidering the Relationship Between Two Democracies:
India and the USA.”

“I pulled out the ring on the chairlift at Mad River Glen. The first words out of her mouth were, ‘Don’t drop it!’
I asked, ‘Is that a yes?’ It was.”

Rick Huntress ’87 on his proposal to Karen Welling ’87 this winter.

“Just when you feel closest to your students, just when they know each other very well, just when you’ve achieved the sense of community you’ve been striving for in your classroom—the class is over.”
“The Teacher’s Curse,” according to Professor of Education Mark Tappan, the 2008 Senior Class Bassett Teaching Award recipient, in his address at the Senior Class Dinner May 19.

Listen to Tappan’s speech at
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