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Photography by Rob Kievit '09, Megan Lehmann '08, Emily Stoller-Patterson '09

InsideColby, a magazine and Web site produced by Colby students, won two second-place awards for student journalism from the Society of Professional Journalists this spring. To get a sense of the work they’re doing, here are excerpts from a few stories in the latest magazine. To read the stories in their entirety (and see lots more, including videos and photo essays), go to
by Megan Litwin '08

As students scatter across campus headed to their first class of the day, many stop in the new snack bar to grab a coffee when they don’t have time for a sit-down, dining-hall breakfast. If they took a moment to pause, these students might notice that all of the coffee is organic and fair-trade certified. What students may not know is that a student made this happen.

Jen Dakin ’02 was concerned when she noticed that the coffee at Colby was neither organic nor fair trade. She proposed this change and worked to make a permanent impact on Colby and beyond. Dakin’s work is significant, but it’s just a small part of a larger movement at Colby: student-based environmental initiatives. ... Read more on

Investment Banking Bliss

by Stephen Frechette '08

After four weeks on Wall Street, I race through the typical morning. My alarm clock goes off at 7 a.m. “Living the dream, man,” my roommate says—his way of saying “good morning”—as we wake up in our midtown Manhattan summer dorm room and start our routine. Bobby Gorman ’08, roommate and fellow Barclays intern, and I take turns with our two other roommates at the ironing board to make sure our shirts are pressed for work. Music blasts in the background and we soon forget that we didn’t leave the office until 3 a.m. the night before.

Though I was only two hours from my home in northern Connecticut, I quickly learned during my internship at Barclays Capital that I was situated in a vast network of international financial markets. My work in the MetLife building at 200 Park Avenue—through a great chain of investment bankers, salesmen, traders, and investors—was helping to fuel the global markets. ... Read more on

woollseyGraduating senior Laurel Duggan sat down with new Director of the Career Center Roger Woolsey to talk about the services Colby will add and what Colby grads do when they leave.

What are you looking to do in your new role in the Career Center?

When I looked at the Career Center, I had to identify the student body here. And I refer to ... you students as the MOVERS—it’s an acronym. M stands for multicultural. Thirteen-point-four percent of our student body is minority students. I think around two thirds of our students go abroad. O stands for online. I think on average the students I’ve spoken to spend anywhere between eighteen and twenty-two hours per week, plus or minus, online. V stands for versatile. You are versatile because you are juggling studying, extracurricular activities, and having a social life. E stands for energetic. In order to be involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, and off-campus engagement, you have to have energy. R stands for responsive. Students here at Colby are responsive to new technologies and certain advertisements. So, I refer to you as the MOVERS. Do you think I got it right? ... Read more on
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