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The Navigator

The Navigator
Philip Nyhus directs the Chinese government to the places where tigers may once again roam free.


Gender Gap

Gender Gap
Colleges see demand for qualified male applicants grow as young women excel in high school.


Breaking Through

Breaking Through
With today's technology, singer-songwriters no longer need to wait to be "discovered"



From the Hill

From the President

Power Play

Made to Order

For Marybeth Luber '96, CEO seat is a perfect fit

Forty-Eight Years,And Counting

Carleen Nelson has seen presidents, students, and technology come and go on Mayflower Hill

Oil Crisis 2008: Economics Lessons Learned and Not Learned

Recent Releases

Rafts of Research

A chance for students to leave the lab and strut their stuff

Football's New Start

My Baldness, Tibet's Bareness

Alumna hopes for solution in cross-cultural dialogue



Sunny Coady '65

Sunny Side Up

Morgan Murphy '76

A Study Abroad

Thomas R. Menzies '85

At the National Academy of Sciences, a former economics major synthesizes science, public policy, economics to produce important studies of environmental and transportation-related topics.

Tina Constable '87

Book Smart

Antonio Mendez '06

Student Teacher

Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

The contrast could not have been more stark. The view from Afsan Chowdhury’s office in the Diamond Building—vivid blue sky, flickers of early fall foliage, the immaculate lawn leading to Miller Library—and the Oak Fellow’s firsthand description of environmental devastation in Bangladesh.

Chowdhury is a journalist and an activist. He also is witness to the clear and present danger of climate change: flooded farmland and hundreds of thousands of refugees in the overwhelmed city of Dhaka.

Mayflower Hill, Chowdhury said, offers what millions of people can... Read more »



  • Susan SterlingSusan Sterling (“Breaking Through”) is a freelance writer who has taught English and creative writing at Colby. Her essays and stories have appeared in literary journals and in The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Best American Sports Writing.  She recently contributed to A Healing Touch: True Stories of Life, Death, and Hospice edited by Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and former Colby professor, Richard Russo.


    David TreadwellDavid Treadwell (“The Gender Gap”) is a freelance writer who lives in Brunswick. He specializes in writing admissions and fundraising materials for select colleges, and he has had articles published in the alumni magazines of Bowdoin and Connecticut colleges and Brown University.


    Tenzin Dawoe Tsewang '07Tenzin Dawoe Tsewang ’07 (“Tibet’s Sadness”) was born and raised in the Tibetan settlements in South India but moved with her family to Santa Fe, New Mexico,4 in 1996. After receiving a B.A. in biology, she moved back to New Mexico, where she currently works at an immunogenetics lab at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.