Organic Garden Gives Back


By Ruth Jacobs
Photography by John Meader

Organic Garden Gives Back
Emily VanWyk '11 and Andy Smith '11 of the Colby Organic Gardening Club, tend their crops.

Students interested in sustainability have brought the concept to Colby’s dining halls. From mid-June through October, students in Colby’s new Organic Gardening Club have been contributing produce to Colby’s dining halls—everything from lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers to carrots, beets, and garlic.

Two students, Ben Hummel ’11 and Andy Smith ’11, took the lead on tending the garden this summer. The primary crop provided to the dining halls was lettuce, and, according to Associate Director of Dining Services Joe Klaus, people reacted favorably to the local organic produce. “What it seemed to do was generate good conversation about Colby’s sustainable practices,” he said.

The club now has dozens of members, and students are exploring ways to increase production in upcoming years. While quantities have allowed only for sporadic use of student-produced veggies, Dining Services has found ways to maximize the impact. They designated Oct. 15 “Garlic Fest,” and dining halls held to the theme. On the menus? Shrimp scampi, garlic, spinach and cheese stuffed roast pork, garlic mashed potatoes, and more.

And for dessert: garlic ice cream. Created especially for Colby by Shain’s of Maine using garlic from the garden, this unusual item was paired with roasted mandarin orange crepes and ginger sauce. Seventy-five pounds of garlic put to good use.

Click here to see a student-produced video about the garden.

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  • On December 8, 2008, Phil DuPerry wrote:
    As a long term organic gardiner at the Colby Gardens, it is exciting for me to see the Colby students tending their plot. Too many today take for granted the very food we all enjoy on our tables and know nothing of the process by which it is obained. This is an effort that should be highly commended by the administration and fellow students at Colby. It certainly is by those that understand how far we have strayed from our roots. Phil Organic Gardiner / Unity College Faculty
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