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“I am sequestering myself (and my carbon compounds) for the next several weeks, but will indeed reply to your message as soon as possible.”
Professor of Science, Technology and Society Jim Fleming, in his e-mail auto-reply this summer.

“It was the story ... that launched a thousand controversies, and it was actually deliberately placed in a more modest position on the page with a more modest headline.”
Phil Taubman, former New York Times Washington bureau chief, talking about the National Security Council eavesdropping story in a talk titled “Treason or Patriotism? When the Press Publishes National Security Secrets.” Taubman was the Goldfarb Center’s first Lovejoy Journalist in Residence. Listen to the speech here

“I had a blast last night. It was about eighty percent liberals in the audience and I answered questions for over two hours. They did not want to stop debating with me. That’s the way it should be.”
Conservative author and radio talk-show host Gregg Jackson ’90, following a speaking appearance on campus.

“They say that newspapers are dying, but ... a reader who had let her subscription lapse and was wanting to renew ... found that the Post was indispensable in her life, and she left his urgent voicemail: ‘My living room and going into my bedroom is flooding and I’m putting down newspaper and I need more newspaper. The rug is wet and I’m running out of newspaper. I need to get the Sunday paper, okay?’ So, whether you curse us, read us, or just use us as a paper towel, please keep us in your life.”
2008 Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award-winner Anne Hull, a national reporter for the Washington Post
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