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Waste Not

No lunch trayColby’s highly ranked food may be a draw for some, but now getting it to the table may require more than one trip.

One of the newest sustainability initiatives to hit Colby’s campus is trayless dining. It all started with the student-run Environmental Coalition, which studied water and food waste on days with trays and days without. On a single day without trays, food waste dropped 575 pounds. Ongoing research showed that on trayless days food waste dropped 66 percent. The college expects to save 79,000 gallons of water a year and 50 tons of food waste. Read More


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Featured Articles:

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It’s How You Play the Game
In club sports, fun and sportsmanship beat the final score. By Todd Herrmann ’10

For the People
Henry Beck ’09 was a city councilor in his freshman year and hopes to be in the state legislature by graduation.
By Ned Warner ’09

Majorly Outside the Box
For students with their own academic paths, the independent major program offers infinite options.
By Kris Miranda ’09

Q&A: Lynne Conner
Lauren Pongan ’09 goes backstage with the new head of the Theater and Dance Department.

Essay: Sold on CBS
During a summer internship at CBS, Sam Handler ’09 realized he was marketable.

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