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Double Duty

Double Duty
Women who make it to the top in business carry the burden of society's expectations


A Political Remix

A Political Remix
Kendra King '94 puts hip-hop-and more- into the teaching of politics



From the Hill

Ahead of the Curve

With real money, Colby's student investors beat the Dow and NASDAQ

Awn Be Se: "We Can"

Real Change, West-Africa Style

An Effervescent Biography

English Professor Tilar Mazzeo illuminates the rise of a champagne star

Q&A: Bruce Maxwell

Computer Science Chair Bruce Maxwell on robots (big and small) and ways they are proving useful in his classroom on Mayflower Hill.

Recent Releases

Apartheid's Legacy

Anthropologist Catherine Besteman's new book examines the hopes and frustrations of "the new South Africa"

In This Class on Feminism, Nobody Was on the Bench

Kabul Connection

Students create scholarship program for Afghan high schoolers

Sports Shorts

Last Page: Times Change, People Change, Diapers Change



Eddie Woodin '69

good work

Stacey Mitchell '89

environmental protection

Kristin Herbster '91

seeing is believing

Ben Hughes '07

music man

Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

Like many people in northern New England, I was caught in a time machine last month.

It began with a pelting, steady downpour at about 32 degrees. The rain crystallized, turning trees into glistening chandeliers that sagged and snapped and knocked out power lines. Goodbye electricity; hello 19th century.

For a couple of days, it was back to hauling water (from buckets positioned to catch runoff from the roof), loading woodstoves, carrying candles from room to room. No television, no Internet, no music beyond what could be created with an acoustic instrument or the human voice.... Read more »



  • Barbara A. WalschBARBARA A. WALSH

    (“Double Duty”) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has worked for newspapers in Massachusetts, Florida, Maine, and Ireland. A frequent contributor to Colby, Walsh also works with visiting journalist fellows at Colby’s Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement.


    (“A Political Remix”) Before joining the Anniston Star in 1998, John Fleming was West Africa correspondent for the Reuters News Agency. He covered the wars in Congo-Brazzaville and the former Zaire as well as the resumption of the conflict in Angola. He has written extensively on state government, the power of special interests, and the legacy of the civil rights movement in the Deep South.