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“Either you’ve lived a hell of a lot longer than you thought you might or the world has changed more than you ever thought it would.”
Joe Atkins, coordinator of multicultural programs and support, on witnessing the election of an African American to the presidency of the United States—something he thought he would never see in his lifetime.
“They said, ‘You got old, you’re wearing glasses, you’re fat, you don't look anything like the Catherine we knew.’ That had been the moment of connection. It was amazing.”

Professor of Anthropology Catherine Besteman, quoted in the Bangor Daily News, on reconnecting with Somali Bantu people in Lewiston, Maine, decades after living in their village in Africa.

“Long underwear? It was like an oxymoron to me. And then, by December, I was very, very grateful.”
Pedzisayi Makumbe ’02, in a talk at the international students’ host family dinner in October, thanking Associate Dean of Students Sue McDougal for helping him get oriented when he arrived from Zimbabwe for his first year at Colby.

“You have to add a zero to make a difference.”
Michael Klare, writer and Hampshire College professor, reacting to Barack Obama's proposal to spend $150 billion dollars on renewable energy over 10 years. Klare advocated for $150  billion each year.

“We can’t expect the administration to fix this from the top down. ... This is our community, and we have to be accountable to each other.”
Associate Professor of American Studies Margaret McFadden, addressing a forum on building a better, stronger, more inclusive community in the wake of racially inflammatory incidents and broad campus discourse on race.
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