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Tom Betro '81 directs agency that fights crime, from drug trafficking to terrorism


Barbara Nelson's Global Classroom

Barbara Nelson\'s Global Classroom
Professor Barbara Nelson started her language instruction Web site on a dare. Now in a class of its own, it has a worldwide following.



From the Hill

From President William D. Adams

Colby president on weathering the economic storm.

Photomosaic Illustrates AIDS Reality in Malawi

Photography project shows the complex and compelling stories of AIDS victims in Malawi.

Debra Barbezat's Home Economics

Students turn to their own family histories to put faces on gender-based inequities in labor markets.

Lucy Garrec '12: Rookie Racer

Nordic skiing phenom starts fast.

The Storybook Baseball Life of Colby Jack Coombs

From Mayflower Hill to the World Series, Jack Coombs led the life of "A clean, honest, true-blue athlete"

Last Page: Where Is Science Behind Climate Change Claims?

Boston weatherman Dave Epstein '86 remains a skeptic.

Recent Releases: James L. Martin, Zachary Shapiro, Jody Zorgdrager

New books from alumni authors.

Sports Shorts

Highlights from the winter season.

Whitmore Wins 600th

Basketball coach joins an elite club.



Alicia Rodriguez '78

leading leaders

Jim Donahue '88

agent of change

Robin Ottaway '95

a brooklyn brewer

Phoebe Lehmann Zarnetske '01

line in the sand

Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

Given the tumultuous times, I hope the stories in this issue of Colby offer a bit of reassurance. No, we can’t tell you when the economy will rebound. But we can show you that there are many good people out there—more than a few being bona fide members of the Colby community—and they still are going about their business of making the world a better place.

This magazine is chock full.

Professor Barbara Kuczun Nelson ’68 not only teaches Colby students, but she offers her acclaimed Spanish language-instruction Web site free of charge, free of... Read more »



  • Joe AtkinsJoseph Atkins (“Is Racism Dead?”) is assistant professor of psychology and coordinator of multicultural programs at Colby. He was keynote speaker at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast in Waterville, Jan. 19.


    NugentTom Nugent (“The Real NCIS,”) is a freelance journalist who has written about health and science for the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and Boston Globe. He is the author of Death At Buffalo Creek, a book of investigative journalism about coal mining in Appalachia.



    Lauren Pongan '09Lauren Pongan ’09 (“The Spanish Lady,”) is an English major and the editorial assistant for Colby. Hailing from Langhorne, Pa., Pongan has written for Maine Women and Port City Life magazines. Though she enjoys magazine journalism, Pongan is pondering her post-Colby plans.