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“See what I mean? These students—they are good.”
Environmental leader Søren Hermansen to ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff following a meeting with Colby students. Woodruff was at Colby working on a Discovery Channel documentary about Hermansen,  a guest speaker (read the full story).

“It does seem strange that it’s ‘metric tonnes per square foot.’”
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Philip Nyhus, reviewing data that shows Colby reduced carbon emissions 32 percent since 1990  (based on CO2 per square foot of building space).

“Champagne Steps was disgusting.”
The Echo, in an editorial advocating a new end-of-classes celebration that includes faculty and staff and that passes “the propriety test.”

“I received two complaints about the heat. Both came from buildings where we did not turn down the heat.”
Vice President for Administration and Treasurer Doug Terp ’84, on faculty/staff reaction to building temperatures being turned down a few degrees between Christmas and New Year’s  to save energy.

“I couldn’t see that well, but just being there with two million other people just cheering—this kind of hopefulness, the energy ... the excitement mixed with almost relief when Obama took the oath was just an absolutely incredible moment, one I’m going to carry with me for a very long time.”
Isaac Opper ’10, from Helena, Mont., on attending the presidential inauguration. Listen to the interview at www.insidecolby.com/podcast

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