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“I don’t know how it will be helpful to me when I go back to Nepal, but American campaign finance is very interesting.”
Lokesh Todi ’09, explaining to prospective students how his plans to study physics and engineering changed when he discovered a passion for government.

“Colby actually isn’t as liberal as I think people think it is. There are a lot more moderates on campus than people realize.”
Ala Solsvig ’11, director of on-campus services for the Colby Republicans, in a discussion about political action on campus.

“I’ve had students who have gone on to be doctors, and they can identify every tree on the golf course, and that’s a great source of satisfaction.”
Biology Professor Judy Stone, who teaches the popular course Woody Plants, talking about her students at a day-long program for admitted students from Maine.

“It stands in the imagination of many students as something that was started in 1813.”
President William D. Adams in a discussion of the Champagne on the Steps tradition. It was replaced this year with an all-campus barbecue.

“Watch this.”
Professor of Music Paul Machlin, whispering to his wife before visiting music professor Yukiko Sekino performed Liszt’s Dante Sonata at her faculty piano recital.

“I’ve either got to catch a lot of lobsters or sell a lot of books to pay the fine.”
Linda Greenlaw ’83, in an Associated Press story about being fined in June for fishing in Canadian sovereign waters—an incursion she said happened unintentionally when she was trying to retrieve gear that had been dragged by another boat.
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