Education Trumps Recession



Given the economic climate of the past year, all bets were off for admissions numbers at private colleges and universities this year. But Colby’s numbers for the Class of 2013 came in strong.

While Colby did see a decrease in applications (6.5 percent), it was slight compared to many peer institutions. A total of 4,520 applications (300 more than in 2006) led to an acceptance rate of 34 percent, which is typical for Colby. The yield rate (percentage of students accepting the offer of admission) stood at 32 percent as of May, the same as last year.

The percentage of minority students in the Class of 2013 will be about the same as the past two years (approximately 15 percent). The percentage of African-American students planning to enroll more than doubled from last year to four percent as of May.

Standardized test scores remain strong. The average SAT scores stood at 670 for writing and critical reading and 680 for math—again, typical for Colby.
Colby did see a slight increase in financial aid applications and has budgeted an additional $1.5 million to meet increased need of current and incoming students.
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