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Harnessing the Wind

Harnessing the Wind
Colby alumni bring booming wind-farm industry to Maine and the Northeast


Students Can Still Write?

Students Can Still Write?
In writing, Colby students juggle multiple voices in different environments



From the Hill

Q&A: Harriett Matthews

Sculptor and professor on artistic vision, the role of her work in teaching, the allure of Greek summers

The Annual Report of the President, 2008-09

For Peace in Afghanistan, Consider the Pashtuns

New from Poet Adrian Blevins

New from Poet Adrian Blevins

Breathless twists and turns of a Southern girl, woman, mother

New Students, New Countries in Colby\'s Fold

New Students, New Countries in Colby's Fold

Students from Rwanda, Cambodia in Class of 2013

The Real Joan of Arc

The Real Joan of Arc

Larissa Taylor tracks a vaunted saint and finds a fearless warrior

Recent Releases

Books by Colby authors


All in the Family

All in the Family

Smith siblings, top women's and men's squash players, lead by example



Technology Rules; We Submit

Technology Rules; We Submit

Historian Paul Josephson offers a neo-Luddite approach



Carol Wynne '74

Teaching Volumes

Kebba Tolbert '94

Winning -- And More

Ellen Newcomb '07

To Her Health

Alumni Class Notes




Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

Putting out this issue of Colby highlighted for me some of the practical applications of what we teach and how we teach it at Colby. My duties included editing Julia Stowe’s piece on Jason Klein ’97. Klein and his family foundation stepped in where the Mellon Foundation left off, providing resources for student research and internships in environmental studies. Those opportunities propelled environmental studies majors who, as alumni, used those critically important experiences as a springboard to important work in their field. From clean-energy outreach for the... Read more »



  • Douglas RooksDouglas Rooks ’76 (“Harnessing the Wind”) is a writer, editor, consultant, and policy analyst. A former newspaper editor and editorial page director, his weekly op-ed column currently appears in the Brunswick Times Record. He lives in West Gardiner, Maine.






     Alexandra DesaulniersAlexandra Desaulniers ’11 (“All in the Family”) is currently double majoring in anthropology and theater/dance. She has performed in musical theater both on and off-campus, and competes in and teaches ballroom dance both at Colby and in the community.






    Ayaz Khan Achakzai ’09 (“To Bring Peace to Afghanistan, the International Community Must Understand Pashtuns”) was a double major in mathematical science and economics at Colby and spent a year studying at Oxford University. He grew up in Pakistan, where he now resides. Achakzai belongs to Qilla Abdullah Khan, a district of Pakistan that borders Afghanistan.