Corrado in McCain Floor Statement



When Sen. John McCain issued a floor statement about the U.S. Supreme Court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, he cited Professor of Government Anthony Corrado, a national expert on campaign finance.

McCain objected to a statement by Justice Antonin Scalia, who said “I doubt that one can expect a body of incumbents to draw election restrictions that do not favor incumbents. Now is that excessively cynical of me? I don’t think so.” Before citing Corrado, McCain discussed times when Congress has “risen above its own self-interest and enacted the necessary reforms to address the scandals and corruption that have plagued our democratic institutions over time.” He cited the 1907 Tillman Act, which “prohibited nationally chartered banks and corporations from contributing to campaigns.”

McCain continued: “Although the Tillman Act constituted a landmark in federal law, according to campaign finance expert Anthony Corrado, ‘its adoption did not quell the cries for reform. Eliminating corporate influence was only one of the ideas being advanced at this time to clean up political finance.’”
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