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Scroll down on to see Miller Library.
Colby’s not in “Most Expensive” list; HuffPo thinks Miller is at Bates!
March 30

“What am I going to do? I can’t go back to Millard Fillmore.”
Doris Kearns Goodwin ’64 crushes on presidents.
March 10

“Want a Glock with your latte?”
Prof. Catherine Besteman’s book quoted in Boston Globe column about guns at Starbucks.
March 9

It was down the final seconds, but women’s basketball beat Husson—
its first-ever NCAA playoff win.
March 6

Former concert violinist and sailor Francis Smith ’34 celebrates his 102nd birthday at the gym.
Credits Jack Daniels.

March 5

Jim Fleming, professor of science, technology, and society, tells geoengineers,
“Keep It In the Lab.”
February 23

Just two degrees separate gold medalists Lindsey Vonn and Seth Wescott from Colby.
Read The Editor’s Blog by Gerry Boyle.
February 18

“I saw a building coming down... we didn’t know where to run.”
Students describe the Haiti quake in insideColby podcast.
February 17

New book, Live a Little, cowritten by Alice Domar ’80, says
healthy living is easier than you may fear. NYTimes review.
January 6
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