Robotics On (and Off) the Hill


By Jennifer Sibert '13

Bogumil Giertler ’12 of Mikolow, Poland, presented his interface for this robot at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

This summer some of the world’s most important computer programmers visited the Colby College Museum of Art. Sort of.

As a part of Associate Professor of Computer Science Bruce Maxwell’s museum robot project, which allows people to virtually browse the museum via their computers, Bogumil Giertler ’12 designed a way to control a robot through iPhones and iPads. His programming won him a scholarship to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. After examining Giertler’s scholarship-winning interface, Apple asked him to demonstrate the technology at the conference.  

On June 7 Giertler presented his interface, allowing programmers at the conference to drive the robot from 3,000 miles away and virtually wander around the Colby museum. “I met tons of people, among them people who developed Skype or Google Mail—people whose software or hardware we use every day,” said Giertler. “[My interface] was really, really well received,” he continued. “Most of the people understood the importance of it, and one of the leading Apple engineers told me, ‘You impressed the hell out of a lot of people today.’”

Watch a video of robotics project at

— Jennifer Sibert ’13

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