New Alcohol Policy



Effective this fall, Colby students 21 and over are no longer permitted to consume hard alcohol on campus, except in the pub and at licensed, catered events. The new alcohol policy, which includes disciplinary changes as well, came after two years of committee work.

Following a Champagne on the Steps celebration in 2008 that saw 14 students transported to local hospitals for alcohol-related issues, the Board of Trustees charged the administration with combating alcohol abuse on campus. Of primary concern was the number of students being transported to the emergency room for alcohol poisoning and the fact that all of those cases involved hard alcohol.

Committees involved students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and student opinion on the new policy is mixed. Consequences for private possession and consumption of hard alcohol, for students of all ages, range from probation (first offense) to suspension. Repeated violations of the alcohol policy and providing hard alcohol to a minor can result in expulsion.

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