Colby’s strength comes from its community of thousands of sharp minds, engaging in vigorous debate and good stewardship. The College’s alumni network takes this community beyond Mayflower Hill to every continent on the globe. By volunteering for the Colby Fund, you’re playing a crucial role in this global community. On Mayflower Hill, you’re putting books on the shelves of Miller Library, providing financial aid for students, and putting jerseys on the back of Colby athletes. Colby Fund volunteers open the doors of discovery to students while increasing Colby’s reputation through quality education.

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Colby Fund volunteers can login to our Mule Volunteer Portal.

Colby Fund Committee

Brooke McNally Thurston ’03

Past Chair
Lisa Kehler Bubar ’73

Colby Fund Committee Representatives

Suzanne Battit ’86
S. Ann Earon ’74
Chad Higgins ’97
Palmer McAuliff DePre ’08
Bret Dixon ’89
Tim Williams ’08
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