Anderson, KristinExecutive Director of Foundation Relations(207) 859-4342[email protected]Office of Foundation Relations
Bassett, CourtneyDirector of Museum Development(207) 859-4309[email protected]Office of College Advancement
Beach '88, Carol AnneSenior Leadership Gift Officer(207) 859-4392[email protected]Leadership Gifts
Beckwith, AmberAssociate Director of Class Giving and Programs(207) 859-4379[email protected]Colby Fund
Bohner, Kathryn (Kat)Administrative Assistant(207) 859-4385[email protected] Advancement Research and Analysis
Bowen ’96, Elizabeth (Betsy)Director of Leadership Gifts(207) 859-4366[email protected]Leadership Gifts
Bowie, BriannaAdministrative Assistant
(207) 859-4334[email protected]Colby Fund
Bridger, Elizabeth J. (Beth)Administrative Assistant(207) 859-4391[email protected]Office of College Advancement
Catalina, ElyseSenior Assistant Director of Advancement Marketing and Communications(207) 859-4383[email protected]Advancement Communications
Chow, DavidLeadership Gift Officer(207) 859-4393[email protected]Leadership Gifts
Colhoun '91, Alexander (Sandy)Chief Campaign Officer(207) 859-4304[email protected]Office of College Advancement
Danner, Elizabeth (Betsy) S.Assistant Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs (207) 859-4365[email protected]Office of Sponsored Programs
Dickey, JodyAdministrative Assistant to Assistant Vice President(207) 859-4303[email protected] Office of College Advancement
Dunbar, KateSenior Associate Director Of Class Giving and Programs(207) 859-4373[email protected]Colby Fund
Franzose, Jasmine M.Advancement Analyst(207) 859-4332[email protected]Advancement Operations
Gardner, Janet
Administrative Assistant(207) 859-4390[email protected]Leadership Gifts
Gardner, RobertAssistant Director of Donor Relations(207) 859-4319[email protected]Donor Relations
Glaus, ByronLeadership Gift Officer(207) 859-4324[email protected]Leadership Gifts
Grenier '94, SevenDirector of Sponsored Programs(207) 859-4341[email protected]Office of Sponsored Programs
Hamm, Tammi-LynnGift & Biographical Data Specialist(207) 859-4333[email protected] Advancement Operations
Hatrick, Edgar (Eddie)Senior Leadership Gift Officer(207) 859-4368[email protected]Leadership Gifts
Irving, ElizabethAdministrative Assistant(207) 859-4311[email protected] Advancement Communications and Engagement
Jack '04, AimeeSenior Director of Communications and Engagement(207) 859-4372[email protected]Advancement Communications and Engagement
Jacobson '12, Nicole (Nikki) Associate Campaign Officer(207) 859-4378[email protected]Office of College Advancement
Johnson, StaciAssistant Director of Advancement Operations(207) 859-4337[email protected]Advancement Operations
King, LissaDirector of Advancement Events(207) 859-4313[email protected]Advancement Events
Laskey, ErinAssistant Director of Family Engagement(207) 859-4386[email protected]Advancement Events
Lavoie, Zackary (Zack)Assistant Director of Class Giving and Student Philanthropy(207) 859-4343[email protected]Class Giving and Programs
Mead, KristelExecutive Assistant(207) 859-4301[email protected] Office of College Advancement
Megill, Jonathan Associate Director of Prospect Management and Research Analysis(207) 859-4360[email protected] Advancement Research and Analysis
Melville, ChrisAssistant Director of Advancement Marketing and Communications(207) 859-4380[email protected] Advancement Communications and Engagement
Mercier, Seth J.Director of Advancement Analytics(207) 859-4338[email protected] Advancement Operations
Mosher, MeganDirector of Donor Relations(207) 859-4363Donor Relations
Mobley, JillDirector of Advancement Operations(207) 859-4327[email protected]Advancement Operations
Ortiz, AlexandraAssistant Director of Advancement Operations(207) 859-4335[email protected]Advancement Operations
Palin, ErinAdministrative Operations Coordinator(207) 859-4375[email protected]Advancement Operations
Proto, MattVice President and Chief Institutional Advancement Officer(207) 859-4302Office of College Advancement
Ross, SarahLeadership Annual Gift Officer, Family Philanthropy(207) 859-4363[email protected]Family Philanthropy and Engagement
Rouse, AngieAssociate Director of Prospect Research and Analysis(207) 859-4383[email protected]Advancement Research and Analysis
Scaduto, Rebekah
Associate Director of Advancement Marketing and Communications
[email protected] Advancement Communications
Schmalzel, HenriettaPresidential Engagement Liaison(207) 859-4381[email protected]Office of College Advancement
Shariatdoust, MarisaSenior Director of Annual Giving(207) 859-4367[email protected]Colby Fund
Sherman, ValerieDirector of Gift Planning
(207) 859-4323[email protected] Gift Planning
Sukhavasi, BrookeSenior Associate Director of Gift Planning(207) 859-4308[email protected]Gift Planning
Swafford, JenniferAssistant Director of Donor Relations(207) 859-4388[email protected]Donor Relations
Thibodeau, KatieAssistant Vice President for College Advancement(207) 859-4364[email protected]Office of College Advancement
Webber, "Jazz" JasmineGift Planning and 50th Reunion Coordinator(207) 859-4370[email protected]Gift Planning
Weston, KarinAssociate Director of Class Giving and Programs(207) 859-4315[email protected]Colby Fund