Your gift opens doors for students.

By supporting the Colby Fund, you sustain the student experience. Your gifts go toward the things that are critical to the Colby experience, such as financial aid, faculty and academic programs, athletics, and student life. By making an annual gift, you support Colby’s efforts to prepare students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Every gift helps Colby raise money. Corporations and foundations, which provide millions of dollars in support, consider the alumni participation rate more than total dollars raised when making their award decisions.
  • Every $1 gift to the Colby Fund has the buying power of $25 of endowment. The Colby Fund is the living endowment. For each $1 of annual support Colby receives, we need $25 in endowment to generate an equivalent amount of income.
  • Every gift is a measure of Colby’s success. Colby’s alumni participation rate is compared to that of other colleges by prospective students, their parents, and college guides. Every gift from an alum—including yours—bolsters Colby’s reputation.
  • Every gift casts a vote. Your gift is your resounding vote of confidence in Colby. By demonstrating that Colby matters to you, you make Colby matter to others.

To contact the Colby Fund office directly, call 800-311-3678 or 207-859-4320.