Colby in a Box

Colby has a wide net of alumni across the United States and internationally. The alumni office is able to reach a large part of the Colby community with robust programming, but not everyone. So, we’ve created Colby in a Box to encourage alumni-to-alumni community building with alumni in various locations. It will encourage our constituents to host organic, social gatherings ranging in size from 5 people to 25+ and then share the experience back with Colby via social media posts and lists of attendees.

Alumni interested in a Colby in a Box are asked to request a box up to 2 weeks in advance of the event by using the link below. All requests will receive a response within 48 hours. Volunteer hosts will be offered reimbursement for food costs based on final attendee list and meeting other criteria such as sharing the final attendee list and photos from the event. Alumni and parents will be reimbursed for food/beverages as designated by the receipt(s) for the event. Up to $100 for 25+ attendees and $35 for 10 or less attendees. If you do not wish to receive reimbursement, receipts are not necessary.

Request a Box

Winter Special

Are you planning on gathering to celebrate the holidays with fellow mules? If so, did you know you can request a Colby in a Box and bring some extra cheer to your party? This winter we are customizing the Colby in a Box. Each box will include personalized hot chocolate, scarves, stadium cups, and stickers.

Become a Social Media Ambassador: A Micro-Volunteer Initiative for Colby Alumni

The Colby Alumni Social Media Ambassador Program identifies and develops Colby alumni to be exceptional ambassadors of Colby College on all social media platforms. Through shared information and their own words, images, and enthusiasm, ambassadors play an important role in ensuring that alumni and friends are tuned into new initiatives and projects at Colby. Learn more and show your pride by volunteering today.