Alumni can offer their time and talent with Colby in a number of ways, including leading regional clubs, planning reunions, serving as gift chairs and class agents, offering career expertise, and promoting Colby to prospective students.

  Join Colby Connect to network, provide career advice or mentor a Colby student.

See below for many other ways to stay connected.


Provide an invaluable service to the Admissions Office by promoting Colby in their area and at college fairs and by meeting for conversations with students applying to the College.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council governs the Alumni Association andparticipates in a variety of activities to support students, alumni, and the College.

Career Center Volunteer

Share information about your career, become a mentor for Colby student, host an intern, provide job shadowing opportunities, or recruit Colby students.

Class Officers

Includes President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Reunion Chair, Class Correspondent and Alumni Council Representative.

Club Volunteers

Colby Clubs hold interesting and valuable events for alumni, which offer the opportunity to reconnect to the College and to fellow alumni. Help organize a lecture with a faculty member, host an event or start a new club.

Colby Fund

Over 1,000 alumni and parents volunteer their time to the Colby Fund each year. By volunteering for the Colby Fund, you’re providing financial aid for students, enhancing Colby athletes and facilities, and raising Colby’s reputation and rankings.

Friends of Colby Athletics

Alumni can support and volunteer for athletic programs through Friends of Athletics.

Regional Programs/Events

Organize alumni activities in your geographic area through various affinity groups including the Alumni of Color Network.