The Colby Alumni of Color Network (AOCN) helps alumni of color connect with each other and engage with the Colby community. The network’s objectives are as follows:

  • To establish a connection between the active Colby alumni of color community and current Colby students of color, new alumni of color, and prospective Colby students of color
  • To foster an atmosphere that provides a full and well-rounded college experience for Colby students of color
  • To provide opportunities for diverse alumni participation within the Colby community
  • To aid in admissions efforts to recruit and retain students of color
  • To aid current students and alumni in their careers

Join the Network


How It Started

As of April 2006, 95 alumni ranging from the classes of 1946 to 2004 in 24 states  have volunteered to be part of the AOCN . Special thanks to Dimitri Michaud ’03 and LeAndrew Rankin ’03, who took the initiative to work with the Alumni Office to get the network off the ground in 2004.

Many of you have volunteered to mentor current students or young alumni, to come to campus to speak, or to talk about your Colby experiences and about your careers, and we plan to take you up on your offers as soon as possible.

With occasional newsletters we plan to keep you apprised of what is happening as the network evolves.

We are looking for constructive feedback from you, for ideas, suggestions, and reassurance that we are headed in the right direction to make the network effective for those involved.


If you’re interested in serving as a mentor to current students or young alums, you can make yourself available by going here.