The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a group of students whose purpose is to build awareness and appreciation for the lifelong connection between Colby College, current students and alumni. We volunteer our time and efforts to build a culture of philanthropy within the student body and support the transition from student to alumni; Colby for 4, Colby for Life. SAA strives to engage students, alumni and fellow campus organizations in meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships promoting school spirit for all while creating opportunities to enhance leadership skills through our works. The SAA supports and shares the many traditions of Colby College and is a key voice in reminding all that tradition never graduates

This is a group of students who care about Colby and want to make the most of their experience here. We volunteer our time, organize events, and hold great career-building and networking opportunities—all in an effort to show other students and alumni how special and rewarding it is to be a part of the Colby family. Involvement in the Student Alumni Association will help you maximize your opportunities to network with alumni and parents, and get the most out of your Colby experience. For more information or to join the Student Alumni Association, contact Amber Beckwith at 207.859.4379 or