The Importance of the Colby Fund

The Colby Fund comprises annual unrestricted contributions from alumni and members of the senior class. It provides immediate budget relief for scholarships, faculty salaries, libraries, and campus maintenance, and it supports athletics, student clubs, lectures, the arts, and other activities. Taking part in the Colby Fund through the Senior Pledge program and in future years as alumni is extremely important as even modest gifts impact overall donor participation, which serves a variety of roles in strengthening Colby’s future.

Why Participation Matters

National Rankings: Overall alumni participation in the annual fund (including seniors) is one of several criteria that determine Colby’s national rankings. Higher participation plays a part in higher rankings, which increases Colby’s renown and the value of a Colby degree.

Institutional Support: When deciding where to confer grants for research many foundations consider alumni participation as a means of measuring the success of a school in producing engaged and invested alumni. When you make a donation to Colby you’re telling these foundations that the college is deserving of their support.

Vote of Confidence: When considering the size of their annual gift many alumni look to recent graduate’s participation to identify these latest alumni’s support for the Colby experience. When a vast majority of a class says “We support Colby” that serves as an indication that the college continues to provide a quality experience to it’s latest students, aspects of the college they want to continue to grow and will potentially support with a larger gift.