April 15, 1969

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1964-2013



17 Winter St.

April 15, 1969

Dear Jonas:

Thanks for sending me a copy of your letter to students concerning control of the chapel and other physical facilities.

For some time I have foreseen an ultimate showdown, because of the extreme, non-conciliatory views of a student minority, who were even out of tune with the more moderate, but sometimes equally vociferous Student Government. I have supported the administration’s patience and willingness to carry on reasoned discussion. I firmly support the policy of giving students a voice in the working out of changing policies.

However, in a letter to President Strider, I pointed out the legal, as well as historic basis of the existence of Colby College. I have urged that the college make a simple statement, “Attendance at Colby is a privilege, not a right, and base all actions on that foundation.”