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Oct. 30, 1969

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Blacks Walk out on So. African Speaker


On Thursday, October 30, 1969, another Guy Gannett lecture was delivered by Ms. Catherine Taylor. Mrs. Taylor is a member of the United Party, and one of two female members of the Parliament of South Africa.

After a brief introduction Mrs. Taylor was called on to speak. Before she had a chance to speak, a large group of black students, who had all been seated in the front row, lined up across the front of the auditorium.

A spokesman for the group, Rodney Braithwaite, gave a brief speech in which he stated that South Africa is an infamous dictatorial state which has stripped blocks of their rights as human beings. He said that the policy of apartheid is progressively de-humanizing 80% of the population, and that black life in South Africa is virtually a life in Hell. He stressed the point that their action was not against Mrs. Taylor’s party would give only limited representation to the blacks.

The blacks then left the meeting as a symbol of their disgust at the racist policies of South Africa, saying that this action and this lecture should be a cause for each of us to search his own conscience. The blacks were followed out of the auditorium by a substantial group of sympathetic white students.


–Colby Echo