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Winter 2011

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Celebrating Charlie Bassett

I know my memory of students past is fading and you might not remember each one of us, but please know this is just one story of how you made a difference at Colby. You are one of the most loved, honored, adored, and respected people I know. I feel truly grateful to have known you and to have learned from you. You will be in my heart always!

All my love,
Liz Helft Darby ’91


My older son recently brought home a fabulous reading list for college-bound students–he’s a bit daunted by the list. I, on the other hand, having read many of them at Colby, am thrilled. I can hear your voice urging us to understand, to make connections, to think critically. So, with great anticipation, I’ve told my son that I will join him in reading his way through the list. We started with Old Man and the Sea. So…know that I am thinking of you, as are legions of others. Know that your voice is still strong in our minds, and that your love of literature and the perspectives you taught us are being passed along to another generation.

Kimberly Hokanson ’81


I wouldn’t have written anything memorable, nor did my hand ever shoot up to share an insight, but I never missed a class, and through the last 24 years that I’ve taught high school English, I’ve tried to live by your example. Though I wouldn’t flatter myself to say I’ve succeeded, I know I’ve been on the right track for having tried to follow that star.

Ted Goodrich ’85