Colby Bicentennial Seal 1813-1863

Nov. 21, 1917

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During war, Colby opening delayed for harvest:
President Arthur J. Roberts: College did not open this year until the eleventh of October, so my annual news-letter to the sons and daughters and friends of Colby is somewhat belated. Bates, University of Maine, and Colby decided upon that date for beginning work in order that both junior volunteers and college students might be available for harvesting the crops. The later opening has been amply justified and as long as the War lasts should be our regular practice. By shortening vacations and omitting holidays we shall pretty nearly make up for lost time.
… Of the Class of 1918, twenty-three men are engaged in military service; of 1919, twenty-seven; and of 1920, fourteen, -a total of sixty-four undergraduates. Of the class of 1917, twenty-two men are in army and navy. In the lobby of Chemical Hall is posted a list of a hundred and ninety Colby men who are in the war, and the list is steadily lengthening.
Subscriptions totaling something more than seventy-five thousand dollars had been secured without much effort, and just at the outbreak of the war the Committee was maturing plans for a general campaign for endowment. But immediately upon the declaration of the war the Committee felt that it would be unwise and even unpatriotic to attempt to carry out this plan. The claims of Country come first.
-Letter to alumni