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Jan. 25, 1905

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A separate college for Women’s Division

Trustees voted that the Women’s Division of Colby College be made into a separate college with:

1st – A separate name
2nd – A separate chapel service
3rd – A separate catalogue
4th – Separate public exhibitions
5th – A separate commencement
6th – That the Library be used in common
7th – That the recitation, as largely as possible, be in Foss Hall or neighboring buildings
8th – That the laboratories be used in common with Colby College
9th – That the instruction of the first two years of the college course be entirely separated from that given to the men of Colby College, and that there be separation in the Junior and Senior year as far as possible
10th – That there be one treasurer for both institutions, and that the administration and instruction of the new college be, as far as possible, the same as that given to Colby College