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July 2, 1883

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Colby Bicentennial Seal 1864-1913

More Persecution of Roger Williams

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Report to trustees These papers call loudly for enlargement of the means and the multiplication of the agencies for the more liberal accomplishment of the purpose of a university. The educators here employed are pursuing an ideal which enlarges as they move toward it. The excitement kindled by the success of new measures renders them restive and importunate for greater improvement.

It will be remembered that as their last annual meeting trustees voted to pay the expense of transporting from Rome Italy the original model of Franklin Simmoris’s statue of Roger Williams. It was not expected that the cost would exceed $100. But the express companies through whose hands the box passed persecuted the great apostle of soul liberty as relentlessly as did the Puritans of old. It was found that the expense to the university was $196.28.