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Oct. 11, 1968

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LAX Women Romp


Picture twenty-six girls running, screaming, and pounding each other with long sticks. A return of the Beatle era? A female version of The Lord of the Flies? No. Would you believe girl’s lacrosse?

Every Monday and Wednesday afternoon Miss Barry’s lacrosse class meets on the athletic field behind Runnals Union. The class begins with the girls practicing the skills of the sport such as cradling, throwing, and catching the ball with the crosse. The most important skill that they learn is the scoop the ball off the ground with the crosse. This is used continuously during the game since the ball is rarely caught by the girls. After this warm-up session the “game” begins. Most of the time mass confusion reigns, and nobody seems to know what team they are on. Once the field positions have been clarified a general free-for-all results with all the girls clustered around the ball and trying to kill one another.


— The Echo