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March 19, 1904

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Miss Norton returns after attack of the grip

Miss Smith, ’05, is ill with tonsillitis.

College will close next Tuesday evening, March 22.

Prof. Roberts lectured at Wilton Tuesday evening.

Percy Andrew, ’01, took dinner at the Commons Wednesday.

Coombs ’06, who has been seriously ill the past week, is convalescing.

Prof. Parmenter was unable to attend his classes on Tuesday on account of illness.

Miss Ethel Townsend has been visiting her sister since Thursday of last week.

Miss Norton, ’06, resumed attendance at recitation, after an attack of the grip.

Miss Taylor of Farmington Normal School visited Miss Emory ’07, Monday and Tuesday.

Dr. Marquardt sailed Tuesday for Germany, where he was called on business.

The freshmen have elected Betts as captain, and Smart as manager of the class track team.

Miss Dora Shaw of Houlton, a student at Bates, paid a brief visit to Miss Smith ’05, last Saturday.

Mrs. Mary Warren and daughter, Miss Grace Warren, of North Sebago, are visiting friends in town this week.

Miss Holway ’06 has closed her term of school in Fairfield and returned to Waterville. She will resume her studies next term.

Miss Clement ’04, Miss Caswell, ’04, Miss Lamb ’05, Miss Nead, ’07, and Miss Morrisette ’07, are among the victims of the grip this week.

Monday night the Kappa Alpha girls were very pleasantly entertained by Miss Caswell. The evening was in a way very typical of Kappa Alphas.

Dean Berry has so far recovered from her recent illness that she is able to go out a little each day, though she is still unable to attend to her regular duties.

The apparatus has been moved away from the front doors of the gymnasium so that they can be used. These doors have been closed for a number of years and those using the gymnasium have been obliged to use the back door.