Minerva Leland: The Boys of 1882

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1864-1913

Class of 1882

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“Ah me! What shall I say of him?”

Quite jolly, but not very deep. Thinks himself quite nice and spends some time pinking. Would do the agreeable if he liked a person, might not if he did not like one. Introduced to him at Mrs. Higgins dining room. Made quite a good recitation for his first. Number one in the list of my gentleman friends.

Examined with me. Quite good looking and slightly bashful. A very solid boy. Not much versed in the ways of society, but would always be polite, so far as he knew how, from principle. One of my table companions.

June 8. A fine fellow but too easily influenced for the wrong. It seems too bad that such fine abilities should go wrong. He might be one of the best but I fear for him.

Ah me! What shall I say of him? Very talkative, quite a flirt and somewhat fickle. Not at all bashful.

My Phil. The Phil that I know is a darling good boy and I would look at him with anyone’s eyes but my own. I always want to pet him, not because I’m smashed, but because he is “Phil” and there could never be another like him.

A pert little old man. Was very much amused by my remark that 58 boys would overpower me. Amused himself in class by smiling at me occasionally.

The first one who walked home with us. Very jolly and a nice little boy. Wears false teeth and cribs.

Such a funny boy. Tall and with proportions of a bean stalk. Very dignified and reminds me of Mr. Clarence in “Lawrence in the Coal Mines.” Wore a purple dressing gown. He fairly touches my tickle.

Minerva Leland 1882

Our second pickup. Very pleasant and worth being friends with. More to him than he shows.

The lady’s friend. Beautiful eyes, a very easy and polite manner. Let a girl be true and there is no fear. I like him. No I don’t! “crème de la crème”

He is one of my pets. Not like Phil and Danny but he needs someone to love him, so my motherly heart takes him in.

Oh I can’t. I can’t. Yes I will. And then I didn’t have to. I would have done it but I felt relieved not to have to. He is a splendid fellow.

What I think I will not say. Time will tell.

Oh, me. Why need people have thoughts? Did the moonlight of Nov. 6th bring pleasure with it? Why?

And he is younger! Oh, dear me. Dear me. And I said I never would and I just have.

April 17: What an experience. A year ago tonight I was at “Esther” with him. We celebrated the day. Today I celebrate alone. Oh my boy! I get homesick and lonely.