Mr. Colby was a Christian gentleman of the highest character

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1864-1913

June 22, 1879

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As in the Providence of God, Gardner Colby Esq., one of our associates in the management of this university which bears his name, on the second day of April last departed this life, we, in order to express our appreciation of his character and of the importance of his gifts and services to this institution, place on record the following minute.

Gardner Colby with his wife, Mary Low Roberts, and their children.

Mr. Colby was a Christian gentleman of the highest character and the largest benevolence which were fully shown in all the relations of life through a course of intense business activity from his youth up.

He came to the aid of our college at the time of its greatest need when the number of its students was greatly diminished by enlistments in the Union armies, its funds almost wholly exhausted, its buildings in a ruinous condition and general discouragement pervaded the minds of this friends.

His offer of fifty thousand dollars soon secured the other hundred thousand upon which it was conditioned forming at once the foundation of a permanent fund and subsequent offers secured other contributions with which new buildings were erected and the old ones repaired and thus an entirely new face put upon things.