Colby Bicentennial Seal 1813-1863

Oct. 30, 1942

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Wars have not and will not defeat Colby
To All Colby Men in the Service:
Prayers in Wartime booklet
When the Civil War depleted the classrooms, it was predicted that Colby would have to close, never to reopen. But a greater Colby grew out of that disastrous time. When men left the campus almost as a body in the spring of 1917, it was again predicted that Colby was done for. But a still greater Colby arose after the armistice. Now the Cassandras again doom us to oblivion, again say that Colby is all through. But for more than a century it has been characteristic of Colby men that their hopes exceed their fears. In the trying experiences that lie ahead for all of us alike-for you in the forefront of conflict and for us on the home front in relative ease-we shall continue to be a land of true Colby men, supported by golden memories and inspired by buoyant hopes.
-Dean E.C. Marriner