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Aug. 1991

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Packing Parents

The Colby Parents Handbook is one of the most complete guides of its kind, a virtual almanac of useful information. But no publication can cover every base, so last spring Jennifer Scott ’91 surveyed students with an eye towards supplementing the handbook. Based on her findings, here are a few further hints for parents and students just in time for the coming academic year:

Remember the essentials. Pack extension cords, an alarm clock, more hangers than you think you’ll need, multi-socket electrical outlets, a lamp and stackable and space-saving storage units. Those are essential. Optional items to consider include oversized pillows, a hot pot, an electrical blanket, and an area rug.

TV or no TV? Since the campus is not wired for cable, televisions don’t pick up too many channels, but anyone planning to bring a small TV might consider packing a VCR for movie rentals. A good stereo is probably a better investment.

— Colby Alumnus