Honored Father Sir:

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1813-1863

Sept. 16, 1820

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An account of my expenses as far as I can recollect:

  • A pair of shoes bought in Boston $1.25
  • 4 weeks board 1.50 per week 6.00
  • A bottle oil & lamp .50
  • A pair of boots .50
  • One 1/2 quire of letter paper .16
  • Other expenses .25
  • Voyage expense 3.00
  • A desk & chair 2.66
  • A bottle of wine .33
  • A bunch of quills .25
  • An inkstand .12
  • Total 15.02

Image of letter by Elijah Foster, Class of 1813

Honored Father Sir:

My expenses have been very considerable since I left home more so than I expected because I had to purchase everything I use. And as I feel accountable to you how I spend my money I give a summary account of what I have bought & expended.

The desk is a necessary article and serves as a table to write and study upon.  It is a very good one has one drawer and is covered with green flannel. I think I can sell it whenever I have done with it for what it cost me. … I was very well as to my health the first 2 weeks. After that time grew feeble on account of my intense studies so I was forced to desist. On that account I bought one bottle of wine which I think has helped me greatly.

…. Give my respects to all enquiring friends. Write to me often as you can but send in a way that they may not be expensive.

This from your unworthy son,

Elijah Foster, Class of 1823

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