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March 21, 1988

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Should CIA Recruit at Colby?


Ms. Helen Moore

175 Temple St.

Farmington, MA  01701


Dear Ms. Moore:

Thank you so much for your good letter of March 10 which I will share with the faculty sponsors of the resolution, as well as with the Trustees.

The faculty and student resolutions present as classic case of cherished principles in conflict: freedom of choice and of association vs. the need to take a moral stand against the outrages of the CIA. The question on which the Trustees will have to vote in April is complicated precisely because there is so much moral force on each side of the argument.

I do not know how the Trustees will vote, but I am certain we have organized an educational forum for the afternoon and evening of April 7 that will make certain that every argument on each side of the controversy has been well presented and carefully considered.

Thank you for taking the time to write.



William R. Cotter