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Feb. 15, 1990

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Alex Quigley ’99 during his Teach for America assignment in Mississippi

Teach for America, New Nationwide Program

Teach for America is a new nationwide program recruiting college graduates to teach for two years in areas of the United States where there are teaching shortages. The teachers will be place in cities like Los Angeles and New York, as well as in rural areas of states like New Mexican and Mississippi.

There are tough places to send new college graduates,” said [organizer Tom] Sherry, “but the hope is that they will realize the problems in education in this country and the after the two years, when they go on to other jobs, they will fight for schools reforms from their own angle, through business or law or whatever it may be.”

The applicants may be from all majors and backgrounds. If accepted to the program, participants receive whatever the starting salary is for teachers in the area where they are sent.

“We’re trying to create a program on the scale of the Peace Corps,” said Sherry, “and in order for the project to work, we need real quality people and we need to create an image of prestige about the program. It needs to be taken very seriously.”