The Leonard Hall Six

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Feb. 13, 1970


Cover of the Colby Echo, Feb. 13, 1970

Four Colby students pleaded guilty to using marijuana at Colby last month and were given the following sentence by the Faculty Appeals Board on January 22, 1970.

After examining, in a hearing on January 16, 1970, the cases of the four students as appealed by Dean Rosenthal, it is the judgment of the Faculty Appeals Board that:

The four students be placed on continuous judicial probation for the remainder of their undergraduate careers at Colby. “Continuous judicial probation” is taken to mean that: (a) a prominent entry will be made in the Dean of Students’ file for each student, stating that he has violated Rule No. 2 (p. 43, 1969-1970 Student Handbook) specifically by being guilty of use/possession of marijuana

In addition, the four students should not be permitted to register at Colby in the fall of 1970 unless each is able to demonstrate to the Dean of Students that: (a) he has during the summer of 1970 engaged in some approved full-time form of constructive community activity, or (b) he has undertaken a careful examination of significant portions of the scientific, legal, and public health literature dealing with the effects of taking such drugs as marijuana, the hallucinogens, and “hard” drugs. This careful examination is considered as being of the same magnitude as a special topics course, and evidence is to be given in the form of a significant, informed, and thoughtful paper analyzing the effects of usage of such drugs, or (c) he has successfully completed a comparable alternative project.


— The Colby Echo