Distinguished Lectures

During the 2012-13 academic year, Colby celebrated the 200th anniversary of the signing of the College’s charter by looking ahead as well as remembering the past. In that spirit, the Distinguished Bicentennial Lecture Series brought four leading American intellectuals to campus to talk about the future of the liberal arts.




Wendy Ewald | “Secret Games: A 21st-Century Education”

| Dec. 6, 2012


Wendy Ewald, an artist and educator, started off the Bicentennial Distinguished Lecture Series by unpacking the meaning of the official College motto, “Lux, Mentis, Scientia,” shedding light on functions of visual arts in elementary and secondary education and questioning the nature of knowledge.






Martha Nussbaum | The New Religious Intolerance: Overcoming the Politics of Fear| Feb. 21, 2013


Political philosopher Martha Nussbaum continued the series discussing France’s recent and controversial laws proscribing the wearing of the burqa.







William G. Bowen | New Times Always, Old Time We Cannot Keep

| March 18, 2013


William Bowen, president emeritus of Princeton, is a prominent voice in American higher education. As the third speaker in the Bicentennial Distinguished Lectures Series, Bowen discussed changes in technology, socioeconomic status, and values and considered the implications of each in regard to higher education.





David W. Oxtoby | Chaos and Creativity: Liberal Education for the 21st Century

| April 8. 2013


David Oxtoby, president of Pomona College, emphasized higher education’s responsibility to encourage students to develop well-rounded tools of critical thinking in order to tackle complex problems we may face in the future.


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